Watch These 8 Iconic Coke Scenes, Then Find Out Where We’re Going Late-Night

Friday, December 2 by
Sometimes it's just nice to pour yourself a drink, kick back with a mountain of cocaine and just unwind, ya know?  

The holidays are upon us, so what better time to revisit our favorite memories of cocaine in cinema. A quick stroll down memory lane will not only have you smiling, but probably grinding your jaw and tapping your foot as well. So let’s discuss some great cocaine scenes from movies and talk about that nightclub we should totally open up when your cousin gets his settlement.


This list wouldn’t be complete without a preppy hot girl doing blow in a sleazy club bathroom. Well, this scene of Anne Hathaway and some other girls from the movie Havoc works. Here, she is lifting a couple grams from some rich businessman, hovering it all up in the bathroom, then going to hang out with some gangbangers. We’ve all been there a million times before. That’s just like me in the 80’s… hen I was 7.


While this isn’t so much a “coke scene” as it is a “Michael Cera singing The Guess Who” scene, it’s hard not to like the guy who chimes in with an acapella “wah waaaaah” after blowing a line. Sure, these guys are sketchy to the Nth degree, but at the end of the day, they just want to chill out and listen to some music. And they were right to be skeptical of Michael Cera. After eight years of getting familiar with his work, I still am.

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