Forget mixing coffee and Redbull and watch these 4 survival horror movies if you never want to sleep again. Feel your heart rate spike and adrenaline kick in to battle against your oncoming bedtime as you immerse yourself in these dark worlds.. Breathe in deeper than you did yesterday knowing that you’re still above ground and ready for another battle; even if it’s just over a parking space.



A defense manufacturer sends a sales team out for some team building in the country side and they end up fighting for their lives as, one by one, they get rather brutally killed. Spend too much time thinking about having to ally with your work mates in order to survive and you’ll end up in the fetal position as you watch the sun rise on another sleepless night. The missile launcher scene is a surefire favorite that promises vengeance but delivers laughs instead. “Severance” is a survival horror movie dipped in the blood of humor and office politics–it’s great fun.


Luck becomes a measurable individual attribute in “Intacto.” Unfortunately for the lucky, there is also a rarer group of people who can steal that luck for themselves. Tomas, the only survivor of a plane crash, is discovered by Federico, who was a luck thief until he lost his thieving power to his mentor Samuel. Hoping to use Tomas as his pawn for vengeance, Federico pits Tomas against others of his ilk in gambling competitions where the stakes become larger and the danger becomes greater. As the individuals’ luck gets wagered, the realization that these “captives” will die sad lives, drained of their chances, the horror behind luck stealing becomes evident. Although a game of Russian Roulette seals this as a survival horror movie, it is the running through the forest scene that will stick with you day and night.

Dawn of the Dead

(2004) With characters that aren’t all bound together in happiness, “Dawn of the Dead” has a real, breathing cast that bring you into the film as you hope for certain people to survive and others to catch a bullet or a zombie to the skull. Struggles for power aren’t over instantaneously with their effects rippling throughout the film. Feel the pang in your side and your sweat turn cold as Ving Rhames and company run through an underground parking lot while they also run low on ammo but not zombies. “Dawn of the Dead” does something rare by presenting you with a survival horror movie that stinks of a reality that could be yours, keeping you wide awake. Make sure to keep that new night light set to high.


It’s tough enough going on vacation with your sister, but getting rolled for your wallet and then getting hunted by an evil organ harvesting operation makes “Turistas” a survival horror movie that is almost as bad as a Disney cruise. Whether it’s staying alive in a hostile place or being surrounded by minimum wage mascots, the nightmares from either will make you never want to sleep again. As the group reaches a nearby village they harm a young thief which results in a mob scene that is terrifying, especially if you’ve traveled extensively to other countries. Whether you end up loving it or not, at the very least you’ll learn to be wary of long walks in jungles.