Warp-Speed: 6 Spaceships Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Friday, September 23 by

Spaceball One – Spaceballs

Spaceball One actually cruises at four different speeds. “Sub-light speed,” light speed, “ridiculous speed,” and “ludicrous speed.” Ludicrous speed requires seat belts be worn for crew protection and causes the ship to leave behind a trail of plaid in its wake. It also has the capability to transform into a giant robotic maid.

Millenium Falcon – Star Wars

Traveling through hyperspace requires careful navigation and a ship that can handle the tight turns. Otherwise, you’ll crash into a planet. The Millenium Falcon is more than suitable for these challenges. Not bad for a ship whose design was inspired by a hamburger with an olive cockpit.

Starship Enterprise – Star Trek

Using a faster than light propulsion war drive propulsion system, the USS Enterprise is able to far exceed the speed of light. Warp 1 is equivalent to light speed, Warp 2 is 8 times the speed of light, and Warp 3 is 27 times the speed of light, etc.. Warp velocities differ from ship to ship and depending on which timeline you are in, they can get as high as 13. That’s really fast. Much more impressive than communicating via a sandwich.

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