Founded in 1987, Vancouver Film School aims to prepare its students for a career in the film industry in twelve intense months or less. The school is split amongst six buildings located in different areas of Vancouver in the province of British Columbia in Canada. The different campuses house different programs and administrative departments. Reflecting the city that it is located in, Vancouver Film School is young but already enjoys international recognition.

Programs: Vancouver Film School has numerous programs for prospective students to choose from. There are a total of thirteen programs, ranging from ones that teach traditional film school curriculum to ones that teach emerging technologies. Film Production and Writing For Film & Television are two such programs teaching cirriculum that have been taught in film schools for a long time. Vancouver Film School adds in cutting-edge disciplines such as 3D Animation & Visual Effects and Digital Character Animation so that students can take advantage of jobs in new fields.

Admissions: Each program has its own admission requirements. Admission requirements are also different depending on whether you are a Canadian citizen or resident, a U.S. citizen or a student coming from outside Canada and the U.S. For example, a U.S. Citizen that wants to enroll in the Digital Character Animation program will need to submit a visual art portfolio with life or character drawings and 3D computer work. In contrast, the requirements for the Film Production program is completion of the VFS Foundation Visual Art & Design program first and a one-page synopsis of a desired film project.

Famous Alumni: One of the things most people want to know most about a film school is its famous alumni. For being such a young school, Vancouver Film School has a long list of famous and notable alumni. The list includes Kevin Smith, director or "Clerks" and "Chasing Amy," Neill Blomkamp, director and co-writer of "District 9" and Chad Moffitt, animator for "The Lord of the Rings."

-Karen Lac