The Sundance Film Festival has had a mission since 1981 to be a non-profit organization which actively works to advance the work of storytellers who are on the cutting edge and taking chances from all over the world. This film festival was founded by renowned actor and director Robert Redford and based out of Sundance, Utah, nearby the resort town of Park City. It has become an internationally recognized film festival today and one of the most important one each year, as it sets the stage for where independent film will go next, so far fulfilling the Sundance Film Festival's Mission.

The Sundance Film Festival happens every year at the end of January or beginning of February, in the dead of winter in Utah. It is a two week long festival, often screening some of the biggest films of the year and drawing some of the biggest movie stars and executives in the entertainment industry to this small mountain town. This alone proves that the Sundance Film Festival mission has worked, as it has quite literally drawn the entertainment heavy hitters to watch, discuss and ultimately buy films to be distributed to an international audience. Even after the film festival is over the Sundance Film Festival mission does not end, as there is something called the Sundance Institute where specially selected students are admitted and make their own films without having to pay any money to attend and participate. This can become a springboard for many talented filmmakers, also helping to fulfill the Sundance Film Festival's mission.