Tyler Perry Leads ‘Forbes’ 10 Highest-Paid Entertainers

Wednesday, September 14 by

7. Dr. Phil – $80 million

I don’t feel like talking about Dr. Phil.

6. James Patterson – $84 million

While mystery author James Patterson will never be mistaken for David Foster Wallace, it’s heartening to know that at least one person on this list is responsible for getting people to read something. However, James Patterson is also responsible for I, Alex Cross, which is being adapted with Tyler Perry starring. Not only does that cancel out the whole “getting America to read thing” but it results in a large net loss.

Shame on you, James Patterson.

5. Simon Cowell – $90 million

Cowell made this money from American Idol, but also realized some cash from the upcoming X Factor, which will also feature my favorite person in the world, Paula Abdul. Do you have any idea how many tight black t-shirts and $7 haircuts you can buy with $90 million? Like, hundreds, I bet.

X Factor is set to premiere September 21 on NBC. This is the first and only instance in which I will acknowledge the existence of the television show X Factor.

4. Elton John (!) – $100 million

At 64 years old, Elton John is riding a wave of cash from his most recent tour which brought in $204 million. In addition to the tour revenues, the guy plays private parties for over $1 million a pop, and is probably awash in music royalties, despite the industry downturn.

He recently had a surrogate child with his partner David Furnish. That’s right. The man is so wealthy that he’s literally celebrating with babies.

He is expected to have spent all the money and declared bankruptcy by the time you finish reading this sentence.

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