Tyler Perry Leads ‘Forbes’ 10 Highest-Paid Entertainers

Wednesday, September 14 by
This guy has more money than all the school teachers in your city combined. Probably.  

The adage goes, “No one ever went broke underestimatin the American public.” Let this Forbes annual “Highest-Paid Men in Entertainment” list serve as testament to that fact.

The entrants on the top 10 this year are a sex-crazed golfer, a shock jock, a television therapist, Simon F*cking Cowell, a flamboyant singer that has never written a song, and Tyler Perry, a man who built his fortune pretending to be a fat black lady.

I can’t offer any more insight into the state of the entertainment industry and the country at large than this list does without commentary, so let’s just get through this thing and pretend it’s populated with a bunch of NPR personalities and theater actors to assuage our guilt.

10. Tiger Woods – $75 million

It must be nice to be so blessed with endorsements that you can spend the past two years not winning any golf tournaments, banging every hostess that Orland-area Outback Steakhouses can throw at you, and still find yourself with enough money that you’re one of the 10 highest-paid entertainers in the country. To be fair, Tiger Woods is far and away the most entertaining person on this list. He’s like 46,000 James Pattersons.

Also, he has Ambien sex, which I think is pretty neat.

9. Howard Stern – $76 million

The nice thing about being Howard Stern is that his standards of professionalism operate inversely to everyone else’s. If he wants to stick twin Asian midgets on a sybian for the world to see, he’ll enjoy a small ratings bump. If Dr. Phil does it life as we know it would cease to exist. Stern is tied up with Sirius/XM for a long time, so unless Son of the Beach becomes really, really popular in syndication soon, he’s going to be holding steady at $70 million bucks or so. Nothing to sneeze at.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio – $77 million

DiCaprio had a banner year last year thanks to his biggest non-Titanic films ever, Shutter Island and Inception. I had no idea that many people saw Shutter Island. Remarkably, he didn’t score a single producing credit in 2010, so all that money appears to have come from salary and endorsements, though it’s hard to imagine he didn’t get some participation in Inception.

He also is probably scoring some pretty sweet Growing Pains royalties from his role as Luke, the scrappy orphan. That’s probably the bulk of this sum.

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