Top 9 Kick-Ass Women Onscreen

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Don’t be fooled by Hanna‘s waif-like 16-year-old demeanor – she is a hard-boiled killer. And unlike most of the other people on this list, she was trained to be so from birth, so don’t think you’ll be able to distract her with candy or the latest issue of Tiger Beat (why do you even have that stuff on hand anyway? Weird). She’s good at that badasses-only move of grabbing somebody by the head and twisting his or her neck, in addition to her skills with various other weapons and fighting styles.

The Bride

Thriller Movies With a Hot Female Lead

Uma Thurman in leather with her gun in Kill Bill

Uma Thurman in Quentin Tarantino‘s Kill Bill is like every badass Shaw Brothers kung-fu fighter ever rolled into one. Plus, she has boobs. If that’s not a fatal combination, what is? She is unstoppable in her quest to fight her way up the ladder of kung-fu fighting vixens and to her ex-husband Bill, whom she intends to, uh, kill. She even fights against all 88 members of a gang and has them begging for mercy.


Joan Crawford in Johnny Guitar isn’t an action hero like these other badass ladies. But she’s pretty kick-ass herself, particularly in the way she manages to order everybody around in the male-dominated world of the Old West. She’s not the kind of woman you ordinarily see in 1950s westerns (she wears pants and everything), but that just makes her all the more awesome.

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