Top 9 Kick-Ass Women Onscreen

Monday, January 16 by

Samus Aran

The main character of the Metroid video games is the first female video game character that didn’t require a man to rescue her from peril. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if a man tried to save her she would just blast him with her arm cannon, then finish him off with a screw attack. She’s got a power suit that would make Iron Man jealous, and has taken out more Space Pirates and Metroids than anybody else in the galaxy.


Kate Beckinsale‘s Underworld heroine cuts the figure of a classic female badass. Leather jumpsuit, cool weapons, lots of acrobatics. Of course, she needs all that stuff as part of her occupation as a vampire warrior, or a werewolf hunter, or whatever it is she’s doing in those movies. All I know is she kicks a lot of supernatural (and sometimes just natural) ass.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Even though she’s just a high school student, Buffy Summers has kicked her fair share of ass, as you might assume from her official title as “Vampire Slayer.” But it hasn’t just been vampires getting their asses kicked by Buffy – pretty much all manner of supernatural creatures up to and including gods have been defeated by the Buffmeister (please don’t tell her I called her that).

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