These top horror movies of 2008 can scare the crap out of you. These movies will have your woman sitting closer to you than ever while hiding her face in your shoulder. That is unless you’re the one the screams like a little girl at a little bit of blood and guts. Horror movies are made to scare the crap out of you. The entertainment value of these movies keeps you going back for more even though you know you probably shouldn’t.

  1. "Cloverfield". "Cloverfield" is a point of view horror movies from 2008 that reminds everyone of the New York tragedy. As five people video their own experiences of trying to save loved ones and escape from the terror, viewers see some terrible images that were captured. "Cloverfield" probably would not have made a top 2008 horror movie list had the pickin’s not been so slim.

  2. "Midnight Movie". Imagine sitting in a theater at midnight what a 1970’s horror flick. The next thing you know the killer from the movie is in the theater with you and you are in the horror movie. That was the plot of "Midnight Movie". Although you know that couldn’t happen in real life it makes you wonder.

  3. "Midnight Meat Train". This is a must see movie for those who like blood and gore without much of a plot line. A woman from the subway goes missing but no one seems to care at the police station. A vigilante takes matters into his own hands and begins watching the station to find out what may have happened to her.

  4. "Hellboy II: The Golden Army". Although this doesn’t exactly fit into the realm of horror films it is a top pick for 2008 because of the slim amount of choices to choose from.

  5. "Saw V". "Saw V" offers the blood and gore that one would expect. Jigsaw’s protégé’s have come up with some interesting ways to torture people. Those that were captured to play the games all had one thing in common, they are selfish. It’s not until there are only two left that they realize that all of them could have lived if only they had looked beyond saving themselves.