The top 5 anime fights are brutal showdowns between powerful characters. Whethe fighting for the sake of someone else or for personal glory, each contender has an ace up his sleeve. Referees might want to stand at a safe distance.

  1. Kenshin versus Soujiro – “Rurouni Kenshin” Near the end of the Kyoto arc, child prodigy Soujiro stands between Kenshin and the main antagonist, Shishio. Throughout this anime fight, Sojiro hides his aggressive feelings behind a polite smile. Kenshin’s sword not only sends Soujiro to the ground, but it also tears down the boy’s emotional dam.

  2. Karama versus Karasu –“Yu Yu Hakusho” Near the end of the Dark Tournament, the cunning hero Kurama meets a dangerous enemy on the battlefield. Karasu is obsessed with Kurama, and he acts on these fixated feelings by trying to blow the hero to pieces during this anime fight. To defeat the explosive-wielding foe, Kurama transforms into his alter ego, Yoko Kurama.

  3. Rock Lee versus Kimimaro – “Naruto” While trying to save his fellow Leaf Ninja, Rock Lee encounters Kimimaro, a warrior with the ability to manipulate his own bone structure. Halfway through the action, Rock Lee accidently takes a sip of alcohol and gains the powers of the Drunken Fist. The eccentric fighting style catches the coolheaded Kimimaro off guard. This anime fight from “Naruto” is fast-paced and hilarious. 

  4. Luffy versus Enel –“One Piece” In “One Piece” Enel is the self-proclaimed god of Skypiea, a floating island with winged inhabitants. No one seems to stand a chance against Enel’s ability to manipulate lightning—that is, no one until Luffy, the anime’s protagonist, arrives. As it turns out, Luffy is made on rubber, giving him an odd advantage in this anime fight. However, that doesn’t mean the battle is going to be easy. 

  5. Alucard versus Alexander – “Hellsing Ultimate” A superhuman, religious fanatic and an ancient vampire in a snazzy suit duke it out in the “Hellsing” OVA. Both contenders in this anime fight have the ability to regenerate their limbs, which tend to be lost quite often in the duel. The violent clash is just the beginning of a rivalry between Alucard and Alexander.