The top 10 worst movies of 2008 include some spoofs that should never have been made and even some horror flicks that either weren't original enough or were just boring. What makes a movie bad is not just poor acting, but a poor script and story can kill a movie before it even hits the screen!

  1. “Max Payne” is just another movie based on a video game. Except this one did a very bad job at being a good movie. Not everyone can make a franchise like “Resident Evil.” “Max Payne” was a very bland film, hence it's spot on the ten worst movies of 2008. It stars Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis.

  2. “Superhero Movie” is just one spoof movie in a long line of bad spoof movies. The first “Scary Movie” was pretty good, but 2008 saw all bad spoofs. “Superhero Movie” stars Drake Bell and Leslie Nielsen.

  3. “Disaster Movie” was another awful spoof earning it's place on the worst movies of 2008 list. “Disaster Movie” attempted to make fun of movies like “The Hulk” and “Hellboy,” oh wait, those should have been spoofed in “Superhero Movie!”

  4. “Meet The Spartans” was yet another badly made spoof, mainly against the awesome movie “300.” This one had a couple of funny moments, but not enough to keep it off this list. Stars Kevin Sorbo and Carmen Electra.

  5. “Teeth” is a clever film about a girl with some chompers where they shouldn't be. But for the most part this movie was awful. One of the worst movies of 2008 because of it's grotesqueness and poor acting. Stars Jess Weixler and John Hensley.

  6. “Funny Games” is a psychological thriller about a couple of young guys that torture a family they have taken hostage. This cabin set-up horror film was boring and did not end up being anywhere near as good as the trailers made it out to be. Stars Naomi Watts, Tim Roth and Michael Pitt.

  7. “Jumper” could have been a great movie if the powers that be had done some better casting. Samuel L. Jackson tried to make this interesting superhero tale into a movie worth watching, but the bland acting skills of Hayden Christensen put this movie on the worst of 2008 list.

  8. “mirrors” is the first of two worst horror flicks that shouldn't have been made, on this list. This film in which evil spirits live in mirrors is a snore, even though it stars Kiefer Suhterland. Even the beauty of Amy Smart wasn't enough to save it.

  9. “Shutter” is the other worthless film on this worst movies list. “Shutter” was made in the style of “The Ring.” But, unlike the ring, it really had nothing going for it. Some shadows in some photos scare a guy. Stars Joshua Jackson.

  10. “Death Race” is a remake of the original Roger Corman flick “Death Race 2000.” The original film wasn't the best, but it is a cult classic. This remake makes the list of worst movies of 2008 because it is not near as fun as the original. Stars Jason Statham in one of his most dull roles ever.