Choosing the top 10 summer movies of all time is a walk down memory lane because many of the best were released long years ago.  Some of these movies are still favorites to this day and are shown on television on a regular basis. We are familiar with all the words, and quote the famous lines.  These particular films have been enjoyed by several generations. 

  1. "Jaws" started the summer "blockbuster" movies that have continued to be brought out in the lucrative May through August summer season.  People were truly afraid to go into the water and yet clamored to see the 1975 Steven Spielberg movie. 

  2. "Grease", although arriving in theaters back in 1978,  has never gone away from being shown.   It was released on DVD in 2006 and has also inspired a new sing-along film as well as appearing in television reality shows where participants sing and dance the catchy tunes.  John Travolta as Danny and Olivia Newton-John as Sandy occasionally appear on shows and will sing part of their highly recognizable songs.

  3. "E.T., the Extra Terrestrial" still makes children (and grownups) cry as they watch the boy and the alien, especially when E.T. has to go home.  Ironically, the film also made a lot of money for Reese's Pieces!

  4. "Star Wars" in 1977 began a series of movies, television shows, and conventions that still attracts obsessive fans.  "Star Wars" memorabilia has never stopped being popular.

  5. "Jurassic Park" was another stunning Steven Spielberg creation. His dinosaurs looked like the real thing and were not just animated jerky creatures. 

  6. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" introduced Harrison Ford as a lovable soft-spoken archeologist and professor who had very active adventures in booby trapped locations.  He could cope with almost anything he encountered except for snakes!  Harrison as "Indy" and Karen Allen as "Marion" teamed up in the action-packed movies. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas created these thrill rides.  This original "Raiders of the Lost Ark" cost 22 million dollars to make and earned 200 million dollars during its first run. 

  7. "The Lion King" is still one of the most popular of the Disney animated musicals.  This 1994 movie is the story of a young lion cub who is a prince but is driven into exile when his father is murdered.  He lives a carefree life but is later directed by his father's spirit to reclaim his kingdom. This film became a Broadway musical and was also re-released in 2002 on the large IMAX screen. 

  8. "High School Musical" has had three movies, a number of television shows, and competitions held in high schools throughout the United States.  The second "flick" is a hot summer choice because it shows the stars earning education money at a beautiful country club. 

  9. "Forrest Gump" was not the usual summer blockbuster movie.  However, it resonated with people of all ages and taught everyone a lot about his disability and made Tom Hanks lovable and understood. 

  10. "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" began a series of movies that followed four girlfriends as they go off to adventures in the summers.  A pair of thrift-shop jeans perfectly fits each girl as it is passed around between them, and those "traveling pants" influence their lives.