We suffered through all the sad movies of 2010 to bring you this list of the top 10 sad movies 2010. We thought this list should include sad attempts at filmmaking, like "Eclipse," "The Nutcracker in 3D" and "Step-Up 3D," but we will be a little serious as we curl up with a tissue box and a warm blankie to bring you the top ten sad movies of the year.

  1. "The Last Song"- Angsty teenage girl with divorced parents goes to spend the summer with her dad who she butts heads with. Dad is a composer and girl used to play piano, but hasn't in years due to teenage angst. Dad ends up in hospital, girl finds out he has had cancer and kept it secret so they could have a beautiful summer. Girl starts playing piano again. It's all very weepy and gets our award for saddest movie of 2010.

  2. "Charlie St. Cloud"- Zac Efron stars in this tearjerker involving the bonds of brotherhood. His kid brother dies in a tragic accident and to assuage his regret for the accident, Charlie gives up the future he was planning to keep a promise to his brother. Charlie then meets a girl and has to choose between reality and a future or holding onto the past.

  3. "Dear John"- To sum up: Girl meets boy (x) two beautiful weeks (+) boy is in army (÷) by Nicholas Sparks story tossed with a dramatic duet by Snow Patrol = tears. We sniffled during the trailer.

  4. "Toy Story 3"- Yet another Pixar film tugging the heartstrings, "Toy Story 3" reminded us of our childhood and all that must be left behind. After a few tears at the end, we wondered if our Glo-worm and HeMan figurines were sad and lonely somewhere in Mom's attic.

  5. "Letters to God"- Whoever doesn't find the story of a young boy with cancer who writes letters to God, consequently changing the lives of the local mailman, his own mother and little girl-next-door sad and warmly endearing, is a sad person.

  6. "Hereafter"- Clint Eastwood directed this character film—we know, shocking—about three people from different parts of the world who intersect through experiences with tragedy and death. It stars Jason Bourne, er, we mean Matt Damon, who endures the "curse" of psychic abilities.

  7. "The Greatest"-High school boy and girl fall in love, boy dies in car accident while girl survives. She shows up to the home of his grief-stricken parents, played by Pierce Brosnan and Susan Sarandon, pregnant with their grandchild. This movie is an emotional cocktail with a twist.

  8. "Lovely, Still"- Winner of some independent film award, this is a love story for old people and those people that don't mind seeing old people snogging. Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn give memorable performances in this film about aging, loneliness and love.

  9. "Remember Me"- Robert Pattinson, aka Edward of "Twilight" infamy or The kid that died in "Harry Potter," stars in this romantic drama as a kid dealing with his brother's suicide and parents' divorce who falls for a girl who lives life to the fullest because of her own traumas.

  10. "Last Train Home"- A different kind of sad movie, this Chinese film documents a young factory worker and her chosen life when she returns home for the New Year celebration.