The top 10 romantic comedy movies 2010 is certain to have appealed to a wide audience. Romantic comedies have been a big part of Hollywood for decades, something magical happens to a romance film when a little comedy is added. Check out this list of 2010's best romantic comedies.

  1. " Going The Distance. " This is a romantic comedy about long distance relationships. A young couple tries to keep their romance hot by taking turns traveling from coast to coast to see each other.

  2. " She's Out Of My League. " This romantic comedy will remind you of how much opposites can attract. Soon after the perfect hottie and the average guy fall for each other, his family and friends become the biggest threat to their relationship.

  3. "Leap Year. " An age old Irish tradition sets the pace for this romance comedy. A young woman confronts one obstacle after another as she tries to leave America for Ireland, so that she can propose to her boyfriend on a very special day.

  4. "The Back-Up Plan. " This romantic comedy is about motherhood, love and marriage. A woman gets the two things she wants in her life the most on the same day; pregnancy and the man of her dreams.

  5. "Killers. " This is a romance comedy and action movie rolled into one. Love at first sight leads to a swift marriage between a young couple. Then, the bride gets the shock of her life when she discovers their neighbors are assassins, and are trying to kill them because of her husband, who used to be an assassin. 

  6. "Just Wright. " This romantic comedy centers around a friendship that turns into love. A woman and her employer fall in love; she's a physical therapist and he is a basketball player with a career threatening injury.

  7. "The Bounty Hunter. " A bounty hunter gets set for the hunt of his dreams; bringing his ex-wife to justice for a parking ticket. When he catches up to her, the ex-couple almost immediately become targets of an assassin who's trying to keep the woman; a reporter who's working on a murder cover-up, quiet.

  8. "Our Family Wedding. " This romantic comedy centers on a Mexican American woman and an African American man who are about to tell their families they are getting married, but they haven't even told them about each others ethnicity yet.

  9. "Date Night. " A bored couple plans an exciting dinner in New York City to add spice to their routine date night. But in this romantic comedy, the couple quickly find themselves in a very dangerous situation due to case of mistaken identity.

  10. "Letters To Juliet. " While on vacation in Italy, an American girl finds multiple unanswered love letters to a woman, hidden in a private spot. She answers the letters and mails them to their author in hopes of bringing the lovers together after more than 50 years.