The top 10 movies of the year 2008 pull from a number of different cinematic categories. On it, you'll find animation, comedy and drama. The most are American, but there's a bit England thrown into the mix for good measure. Each and every film is highly recommended. Therefore, party like it's 2008.

  1. "Burn After Reading" -- This is a small Coen Brothers gem about a supposed CIA computer disc that falls into the wrong hands. Most everybody comes off looking dumb -- even heartthrob Brad Pitt. It didn't get a lot of press, but it's nearly guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

  2. "Horton Hears a Who!" -- Not all Dr. Seuss stories work well on film; a certain cat in a certain hat comes immediately to mind. But, this one is a winner.

  3. "Gran Torino" -- Clint Eastwood directs himself in this really good 2008 film about a little neighborly parenting. Don't try and steal Eastwood's 197 Gran Torino, or he might just make your day.

  4. "Happy Go Lucky" -- If you haven't seen a movie by English director Mike Leigh, this is a good place to start. In this story, it actually seems as though people can be too cheery for their own good.

  5. "Shine a Light" -- Director Martin Scorsese loves rock & roll almost as much as he digs gangsters. This definitive documentary on the Rolling Stones offers proof of that. This 2008 rock-doc followed the great band's "A Bigger Bang" tour.

  6. "Kung Fu Panda" -- Bruce Lee he ain't. Instead, Po the Panda, voiced by the appropriately rotund Jack Black, finds himself in the unusual position of Dragon Warrior, a martial arts expert, in this 2008 animated treat.

  7. "Doubt" -- This 2008 drama is set in 1964. And with a cast that includes Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman, it takes on questions of religion and ethics beautifully.

  8. "The Reader" -- This drama grapples with a war-crime trial involving a law student and an older woman, who were once lovers. Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes shine brightly in this historic film setting.

  9. "Tropic Thunder" -- This 2008 film is similar to movie "Galaxy Quest," in that it places actors into the kind or real life situations they've only pretended to understand before. The Ben Stiller-directed film asks movie soldiers to survive in a jungle battlefield.  

  10. "WALL-E" -- This animated film stars a lovable robot, of all things. You'll fall in love with WALL-E, too. You won't be able to stop yourself.