The top 10 movies of the 90’s are all exciting films representing a particularly interesting time for the world of cinema. It was a period when filmmakers were pushing boundaries and redefining what movies could be. This maelstrom of experimentation produced many notable films. There were also some great films with more traditional styles during the decade.

  1. “Unforgiven” – This was director and star Clint Eastwood’s attempt to redefine what a western could be. It makes the top of this list of the best movies of the 90’s because it was so successful in every way.

  2. “Pulp Fiction” – Out of all the movies of the 90’s, none were more influential than this classic crime film. Quentin Tarantino’s unique cinematic style and crazy dialogue had a huge impact on the world of cinema.

  3. “Goodfellas” – Like many other movies of the 90’s, this one pushed several boundaries in its genre. It was one of the most violent and intense crime films ever released when it came out, and it’s still riveting to watch today.

  4. “The Straight Story”David Lynch is a serious filmmaker, and this film is arguably his greatest achievement. It’s very different from many of his other films because it’s a family friendly drama, but it showcases the same great cinematic skills as all his other works.

  5. “Braveheart” – Very few historical epics come close to this Scottish war movie in the areas of scope or excitement. It was also extremely violent and shocked people during its time.

  6. “Fargo” – The local details about the rural northern part of America are what makes this kidnapping film one of the best movies of the 90’s. It also has tremendous acting.

  7. “Titanic” – This is one of the most popular movies of all time, and it deserves a lot of its praise. There are very few cinematic experiences as amazing as seeing “Titanic” on the big screen.

  8. “Saving Private Ryan” – This is arguably the most realistic war movie of the 90’s, and probably the best. The battle scenes still haven’t been topped.

  9. “Se7en”  - This is one of the more important movies of the 90’s because of the way it changed cinema. It’s a film about a killer who’s murdering people in particularly grizzly ways. The style was very dark and gritty, and many subsequent films tried to create the same atmosphere.

  10. “Trainspotting” – This is easily one of the most fascinating movies about drug addiction. Like many other movies of the 90’s, it pushed the envelope in many different ways, and also introduced a lot of stylistic flair.