Top 10 Movies Of The 90s

Sunday, March 6 by Lara Stewart

If you are ready for a trip down memory lane, a screening of the top 10 movies of the 90s may be just the thing. This was a great decade for a lot of actors and directors, and a lot of excellent movies came out. These are some that we consider the top movies of the '90s:

  1. "The Usual Suspects" This could be the best heist movie ever made. Five criminals are blackmailed into an uneasy alliance because they all stole from the mysterious Keyser Söze. Each viewing reveals a few more clues to what is really going on, so, even if you have seen this one before, it's worth watching again.
  2. "The Shawshank Redemption" Frank Darabont could just be the only screenwriter who can do a good job adapting Stephen King's work to the screen. He's been responsible for making many of those adaptations into the top movies, including this great prison drama from the late nineties.
  3. "Fight Club" Many agree that this film about an underground rebellion is the top movie of the '90s for those who wish to see that decade's concerns and angst.
  4. "Silence of the Lambs" This serial killer movie is one of the most frightening suspense movies of the '90s. Both Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster give mesmerizing performances.
  5. "Pulp Fiction" Quentin Tarantino's second film is one of the most influential movies ever made, and easily one of the top movies of the '90s. Three stories about criminals intertwine in ways that are funny, scary and sometimes uplifting.
  6. "The Big Lebowski" This one's a strong contender for the top quotable movie of the '90s. In a decade where a lot of the big hits were decidedly grim, "The Big Lebowski" makes a nice change of pace, as it tells a story of mistaken identities and a mellow guy who just wants his rug replaced.
  7. "Legends of the Fall" One of the best dramas to come out of the '90s, this story about thre brothers is profoundly moving. Although its success was based on Brad Pitt's star power, Aidan Quinn steals the show as his long suffering older brother.
  8. "Twelve Monkeys" This entry tops the nineties for surreal filmmaking. Terry Gilliam's hallucinogenic time travel drama was one of the most perplexing but satisfying movies of the '90s.
  9. "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" This entertaining movie about the quirky southern city of Savannah is one of the best movies from the '90s to come from a true story.
  10. "Grosse Point Blank" John Cusack is here at his Lloyd Dobbler-est in a movie that has a little bit for everyone: a little romantic comedy, some mid-life angst, a bit of international intrigue and plenty of shooting and explosions for all.
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