Top 10 Movies About Serial Killers You Thank God Aren’t Real

Monday, April 16 by
The Raven 

In The Raven, Edgar Allan Poe squares off against a serial killer the likes of which the world had never seen. The shadowy figure bases his murders upon Poe’s works of fiction, eventually pulling Poe into the investigation for a game of cat and mouse. Thankfully for the world (and Dean R. Koontz), this killer didn’t actually exist. The same goes for the killers listed below. Had they been around taking lives, the world would be a far more twisted place.

George Harvey – The Lovely Bones

George Harvey works as a particularly scary serial killer because he seems like he could be real. The wolf who hides in sheep’s clothing, always one step ahead of his victims and authorities. He hides in plain sight as an affable dollhouse maker and confirmed bachelor. Really, the last guy you’d ever expect to have a hollowed out rape den beneath the local cornfield.

Patrick Bateman – American Psycho

This Harvard grad has it all. A successful Wall Street career, good looks, an apartment next to Tom Cruise, and stellar taste in music. He’s also absolutely insane and kills prostitutes, homeless people, and Jared Leto for sport. He’s the last person you’d expect to be capable of killing strangers with power tools, and he has the resources to cover up his unspeakable crimes. He’s easily the most dangerous 1980’s douche bag. And, yes, I’m factoring in Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid.

Stuntman Mike – Death Proof

I pray to God every night that Death Proof’s Stuntman Mike doesn’t actually exist. Sure, the State of Texas boasts an abundance of gorgeous young women, but that doesn’t mean that a twisted gear head is free to go about killing them as he pleases. There’s not an endless supply. No one appreciates your vehicle-based babe slaying, Mike.

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