Looking for the top 10 lesbian movies of all time? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our list includes both recent flicks as well as “oldies but goodies” that you might have missed out on. Here’s your chance to get caught up!

  1. “The Kids Are All Right.” This recent flick with Annette Benning about two lesbian moms won our hearts real quick. It tops our list of the top 10 lesbian movies.

  2. “The Final Girl.” This brand new film from enfant terrible Todd Verow has been making waves on the festival circuit. It in the American auteur’s first feature film shot in Paris. One of the best lesbian movies for the art house crowd.

  3. “High Art.” Speaking of the art crowd, you won’t want to miss this tale of love and intrigue. The best lesbian movie set in the New York art scene, hands down.

  4. “Bound.” You might not believe me when I tell you that the Wachowski brothers of “Matrix” fame made a lesbian movie early in their career. That movie is “Bound” and you have to see it!

  5. “Desert Hearts.” Ever read the famous lesbian novel “Desert of the Heart”? This film is based on it.

  6. “Kissing Jessica Stein.” When 28-year-old Jessica Stein fails to have any success dating men, she decides to turn around and go the other way. But is she a lesbian or is she not?

  7. “Better than Chocolate.” Anne Wheeler directed this romantic comedy set in Vancouver. It’s about a young woman struggling to come out to her mother and brother, while carrying on a relationship with another woman.

  8. “The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love.” This film combines two of our favorite genres – the coming-of-age tale and the love story. It is one of our favorite top 10 lesbian movies.

  9. “Go Fish.” “Go Fish” tells the story of a small group of lesbian friends in Chicago. It was directed by Rose Troche, who co-wrote it with her girlfriend at the time, Guinevere Turner.

  10. “The Watermelon Woman.” African-American feminist filmmaker Cheryl Dunye directed and stars in this film about a video clerk who becomes obsessed with an old black Hollywood actress. Will she discover the secret of the Watermelon Woman? This classic flick rounds out our list of the top 10 lesbian movies.