These top 10 horror movies are meant to bring chills and raise the level of fear factor. Known for its memorable characters, these popular horror movies always stand the test of time.  

  1. "Paranormal Activity" This film is a fictional documentary about a young couple, Micah and Katie, who find themselves in danger once a spirit starts terrorizing Katie, possessing her and putting Micah and her life in danger. The ending is one of the scariest scenes and gives anyone heebie jeebies late at night.

  2. "The Omen" This horror movie tells the story of married couple who recently gave birth to their child who died shortly after leaving the hospital. What the mother does not realize is her husband replaces her dead child for another one without her consent. As the boy gets older, bad things happens and people associating with the boy dies mysteriously.

  3. "Chucky" Murderer, Charles Lee Ray get shot and killed by a police officer and he is reborn into a Good Guy doll, known as Chucky. A boy named Andy receives the doll as a birthday gift and, unbeknownst to him, Chucky kills everyone who gets in his way so he can live on through Andy.

  4. "Night of the Living Dead" This low-budget horror movie surprisingly became one of the best scary movies. The movie is about ferocious zombies who overtake a small Pennsylvania town. Seven survivors do the best they can to stay alive while overtaking deadly zombies at the same time. "Night of the Living Dead" is the classic story of the good gu fighting to sav the town full of bad dead guys.

  5. "Nightmare on Elm Street" Elm Street is a neighborhood to no one. A teenager should not dare enter. Freddy Krueger, a disfigured human-like monster haunts the dreams of teenagers and murders them based on their worst fears. Krueger, with his off the wall humor, makes this horror film great with a series of successful films after its 1984 debut.

  6. "Rosemary's Baby" Rosemary and her husband, Guy, had a good married life until Guy, a struggling actor, made a deal with the devil to make their unborn child a spawn of Satan. In return, he receives success in his career, whereas Rosemary is dealt with horrifying experiences including their elder neighbors, a cult who helps Guy in succeeding to bring the Devil's child to the world.

  7. "Halloween" After the murder of his older teen sister, six-year old Michael Myers was locked up in a institution under the psychiatric care of Dr. Sam Loomis. By the age of 21, he escapes and goes back to his hometown days before Halloween. Once back home, he goes on a killing sprees murdering teens, but the only one to survive is Laurie Strodes. Dr. Loomis and the town sheriff go on a manhunt seeking Myers before he kills again.

  8. "Friday the 13th" What is supposed to be fun at Crystal Lake turns out a nightmare for six camp counselors. Jason Voorhees, a masked monster, seeks revenge on a group of young counselor,s killing them all with his machete. He blames the counselors of a tragic drowning accident when he was a boy, where he died due to negligence of two camp counselors.

  9. "Psycho" This psychological horror movie is one of Alfred Hitchcock’s finest. Marion Crane, a young, attractive woman, stays the night at the Bates Motel for a quick rest before taking off to visit the man she loves and wants to marry. The Bates Hotel, managed by Norman Bates and his mother, whom he often battles due to her jealously of her son’s attraction to other women. Mother Bates’s extreme jealously took the best of her where she kills Marion in the shower.

  10. "The Exorcist" This horror film is set in Washington D.C. where Chris McNeil is deeply concerned about her 12-year-old daughter's oddly behavior. Strange paranormal activities happen in their home and after several medical tests failed to find the cause of her behavior, the doctor directs McNeil to a couple priests to perform an exorcism on the young girl to challenge an evil spirit possessing her daughter's body.