Are you searching for the top 10 DVD rentals of 2008? Well, look no further! This article will provide you with the top 10 DVD rentals of 2008 voted by popular sites around the web. 2008 was a great year for movies with many outstanding performances. So pop your popcorn, sit back, and get ready to find the best movies rented out in 2008!

  1. "Juno." This DVD rental of 2008 was one of the most popular. A teen girl and her wacky boyfriend decide to get bust, she ends up knocked up and decides adoption as an option. It's a funny quirky movie about love and life.

  2. "The Dark Knight." This DVD rental of 2008 was movie magic at it's best. It's the most popular movie of the entire Batman series, especially with the magic performance of the Joker (the late Heath Ledger). It's a powerhouse of stunning visuals and performances sure to blow your socks off!

  3. "Iron Man." This DVD rental of 2008 was highly anticipated and actually more popular once the DVD was released. Many people sat in line to buy a copy of the Marvel comic remake. It's amazing visually and has loads of action for the whole family!

  4. "Sex and the City." This DVD rental of 2008 was a big hit for all females. The popular TV series came to a close and ended up making a quirky movie about the four ladies in the city. This is a great DVD for girlfriends all around the world.

  5. "3:10 To Yuma." This DVD came out in 2007 but the DVD was not released until 2008. It's a great action flick with two handsome fellows. It's a western culture movie with lots of life lessons, action and gun drawing combined.

  6. "Wall-E." This Disney animation film captured the hearts of millions in 2008. Pixar and Disney collaborated to make one of the most brilliant movies in a generation. This movie has something for everyone to love.

  7. "No Country For Old Men." This DVD rental of 2008 was particularly creepy and interesting at the same time. When a man finds stolen treasure in the dessert, all things crazy come out to play. It's a great action flick to watch.

  8. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." This is a must watch DVD for anyone who has been through a ba break up and ended out on the other side of things. Between the quirky love fest and the Dracula musicals, you are sure to find this movie pleasing.

  9. "The Bank Job." This DVD rental of 2008 is a powerhouse of mob action, illegal doings, handsome men, hot women and bank heists. It's a great film for date night.

  10. "Sweeney Todd." This DVD rental comes from the dark mind of Tim Burton at his best. It's a musical/comedy/horror movie for any age. This DVD rental comes with a gothic undertone with simply hilarious commentary through the whole film.