Some of the top ten comedy movies are purely for laughs, while others mix in a little drama or social commentary. All of them are highly enjoyable experiences and they offer the kind of accessibility that great comedies should supply. At the end of the day, these movies will make you laugh, and anything else they provide is really just an added bonus.

  1. “The Shop Around The Corner," is arguably the greatest romantic comedy ever made, and an easy choice for any list of the top ten comedy movies. It’s about pen pals who fall in love, but don’t realize that they’re actually co-workers in the same shop. It was later remade as “You’ve Got Mail” but the original is vastly superior.

  2. “The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz” is a film by director Luis Buñuel, who was a key figure in the founding of surrealism. This movie is an absurdist dark comedy about a man who desperately wants to become a serial murderer but is constantly thwarted in his efforts by a variety of coincidences. This is probably the most unusual movie among the top ten comedy movies, but it’s absolutely worth seeing. 

  3. “Groundhog Day” is a comedy starring Bill Murray about a man who gets stuck repeating the same day over and over again. The movie is both hilarious and thought provoking. In the end, it has some pretty profound things to say about human existence.

  4. “Knocked Up” is a wonderful comedy from Judd Aptow about an unplanned pregnancy. The movie does a good job dealing with the subject of the modern slacker culture, and also has things to say about women trying to juggle motherhood with career.

  5. “Fargo” is a classic film by the Coen Brothers about the quirks of small-town America. The movie is about a kidnapping gone wrong in Minnesota and includes a couple of hilarious bumbling criminals. The acting is truly exceptional, especially Francis McDormand, who plays a small-town cop trying to solve the crime.

  6. “When Harry Met Sally” was an easy choice as one of the top ten comedy movies. This is an amazing romantic comedy about friends who slowly evolve into lovers. It’s believable and smart with wonderful performances.

  7. “Arsenic and Old Lace” is director Frank Capra’s sole entry into this list of the top ten comedy movies. It’s about two old ladies who get involved in some very disturbing behavior. The film is shockingly dark for a movie from the 1940s, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

  8. Monty Python and the Holy Grail” is the silliest film on this list of the top ten comedy movies. It has all the classic humor one would expect from the Monty Python sketch comedy crew and it’s a huge classic throughout the world. This probably has more pure laughs than any other movie on this list.

  9. “Bringing Up Baby” is a great romantic comedy from director Howard Hawks. The film stars Katherine Hepburn in one of her most hilarious roles, and it deals with two people trying to find an escaped leopard.

  10. “Raising Arizona” is one of the funniest comedies of the 1980s, and it’s a pretty natural choice for any list of the top ten comedy movies. The film is about a married couple who can’t conceive, so they steal a baby from another couple who already have quintuplets. 

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