Hollywood produces more comedies and thrillers than any other genre, so what are the top 10 comedy movies of all time? Comedy comes from drama, and when done well, it is very entertaining and easy for most people to relate to. Check out this list of top 10 comedy movies to see.

  1.  "The Jerk." This 1979 comedy featured Steve Martin in his first starring role. A white orphan who believes he is black leaves home to find his "special purpose;" along the way, he invents a silly tool and becomes filthy rich.

  2. "Blazing Saddles." Mel Brooks brought this classic comedy which was the first movie to feature farting to the screen in 1974. As if the pending demolition of their town wasn't enough, these townsfolk are also getting a new sheriff, but someone forgot to tell them he is black. 

  3. "National Lampoon's Animal House." This is a 1978 frat house comedy. The Dean and the Omega Fraternity are out to get the Delta Fraternity, a bunch of misfit rejects, most of whom are in their late twenties. But the Delta's are determined to hold their own and make a name for themselves as a legitimate fraternity.

  4. "Trading Places." This rags to riches, riches to rags comedy hit theaters in 1983. Two very wealth brothers wage a one dollar bet; that if they switched the lives of a street hustler with one of their wealthy colleagues, the street hustler would do just as well in their world.

  5. "The Hangover." When a groom-to-be goes missing after a Las Vegas bachelor party and a baby is left behind, three of his hung-over friends try to put the pieces of the night before together in order to find their buddy and return the baby to its parent. This comedy was produced in 2009.

  6. "Little Miss Sunshine." A foul-mouthed grandfather helps his pudgy seven year old granddaughter prepare to take the Little Miss Sunshine crown in this 2006 comedy. When the grandfather dies on the way to the pageant, this dysfunctional family continues their road trip to the contest, taking their dead patriarch with them.

  7. "I Love You, Man." This 2009 comedy is about friendship. When a groom-to-be realizes he has no one to be his best man, he sets out to make friends. He gets a surprise when he hits it off with the most unlikely person and the mismatched pair become closer than either imagined. 

  8. "Meet The Parents." A male nurse can't wait to meet his girlfriend's parents in this 2000 comedy. When the couple arrives at the parents home, the third degree begins and the boyfriend soon realizes he is in for a weekend from hell, but he tries to hold on so that he can ask his girlfriend to marry him. 

  9. "Tropic Thunder." This is a war comedy released to theaters in 2008. A film producer, with plans of shooting a guerilla war film, accidentally drops his actors into a real life dangerous war zone; problem is, the actors don't know the danger is real.

  10. "The Toy." An out of work writer whose home is about to be auctioned sells himself as a toy to a rich man to amuse the man's young son. Over time, the toy realizes the boy is very lonely, and the two hatch a plan to get back at boy's father for his neglect.