The top 10 comedy movies 2009 are sure to satisfy even the toughest comedy critic. Comedy i taken from drama and can sometimes make you sad, but a traditional comedy film is meant to make the watcher feel good. Here is a list of the top comedy movies of 2009.

  1. "Year One" It's the second century, and a couple of dim-witted hunter/gatherers are expelled from their tribe in this comedy. As the two roam the countryside, they meet biblical characters and are even sold into slavery, but their true life experience comes when they become targets of the high priest of the city of Sodom.

  2.  "The Hangover" It's the morning after a bachelor party when three groomsmen wake up in their Caesars Palace suite hung-over, the groom is missing, a lion is in the bathroom and a baby is on the sofa. But the real comedy begins as they try to put the pieces of the prior night together in order to find and get their friend to his wedding on time.

  3. "I Love You, Man" After a man proposes to his girlfriend, he realizes he has no friends to invite and he sets out to make some. After going on several man-dates, he finds his true bro-mate and before long, they find their lives forever changed. This is a comedy about friendship.

  4. "The Informant" This comedy is based on the true story of a whistle blower; Mark Whitacre, who exposed the agricultural industry of price fixing in the 1990s. But the FBI didn't know about Mark's suffering from Bipolar disorder; which caused him to jeopardize the investigation.

  5. "The Proposal" A Canadian facing deportation announces her intentions to marry her assistant; with whom she has a rocky relationship, in order to avoid having to leave the US. He agrees, and the two head off to Alaska to meet her parents for a comedic adventure.

  6. "The Slammin' Salmon" The ex-heavyweight champion of the world is now the owner of a popular restaurant that he is about to lose due to a debt he owes in this comedy. So the ex-champ sets up a competition which encourages his waiters/waitresses to back-stab each other in an attempt to get a prize for whoever has the best selling night.

  7. "World's Greatest Dad" This dark comedy centers around a single father with a troubled teenage son. After his son dies during a dangerous masturbation technique, the father makes his death look like a suicide in an attempt to clean-up his son's already tainted reputation.

  8. "Extract" This comedy is about a man who takes action after his life and marriage starts to fall apart. He's thinking about selling his business which is about to be sued by an employee who was injured. His wife won't have sex with him, so to spice-up his sex life he hires a gigolo to tempt his wife; which to his surprise, turns into the real thing.

  9. "Funny People" A top comedian finds out he has a fatal illness in this comedy. The dying comedian takes an up-and-coming comedian under his wing in order to show him the ways of the trade; but after a short time, his apprentice begins to lose respect for his once idol.

  10.  "The Invention Of Lying" This comedy takes place in an alternative reality where lying doesn't exist. After an average man invents lying, he is propelled into fame and fortune. But trouble arises when he can't use his new talent to win the love of a woman.