The top 10 Chinese movies show the talent and culture of Chinese filmography. These movies are emotional, dramatic and beautiful.

  1. "Farewell My Concubine" The story of two men’s 50-year relationship, this Chinese film also includes a comprehensive political history of the country during the same period. Amidst the political tumult, the two friends are torn apart by their love of the same woman. It is one of the best Chinese movies.

  2. "Red Sorghum" In this Chinese film, a woman is sent by her father to marry a wealthy man with leprosy who grows sorghum. During their marriage she falls for one of his servants, and after his death the two take over the fields. When Japanese invaders cut down the field, their relationship and the town’s survival becomes perilous.

  3. "The Blue Kite" This movie depicts a family’s struggles during the rise of Mao Tse Tsung. After the father dies during his political imprisonment, the mother and son must find a way to move forward. This extremely emotional Chinese movie is a great film.

  4. "The Road Home" This movie follows a man as he relives the story of how his father and mother met. Now deceased, the movie shows the love that pulled them together and their fight against those that would have them apart. This is one of the best Chinese movies.

  5. "Feng Yue" This dramatic movie follows the lives of the members of a wealthy family. Despite being addicted to opium, the daughter is forced by town elders to assume the role as the head of the family. Doing so brings danger caused by hatred and jealousy. “Feng Yue” is one of the top ten Chinese movies.

  6. "The Story of Qiu Ju" This emotional film follows an embittered wife’s struggle to obtain justice for her husband. Abused by the town’s chief, the husband cannot seem to receive the apology she deserves. This excellent Chinese film focuses on the abuse of the Chinese bureaucracy.

  7. "Not One Less" This touching movie follows a dedicated teacher as she struggles to unite her class. What drives her, though, is not dedication, but money. Once she tracks the lost child, however, she learns that money will not resolve the problem she has tried to tackle. “Not One Less” is one of the top ten Chinese films.

  8. "Night and Fog" This movie’s ending is so surprising, but luckily it occurs in the very first scene. The tale of the brutal murder of a man by his wife and daughters, it carries a larger theme of the devastation that can arise when hopes and dreams are not realized. It is one of the best Chinese movies.

  9. "A Woman, a Gun, and a Noodle Shop" This dramatic movie tells the story of a husband’s plan to kill his adulterous wife and her lover. When the plot goes disastrously awry, the consequences are devastating. This movie is a wonderful Chinese film.

  10. "Springtime in a Small Town" This 2002 remake of the classic Chinese film depicts the awakening of a suppressed family when a friend visits. Each family member struggles to decide whether they want to embrace a vivacious life. “Springtime in a Small Town” is one of the best Chinese movies of all time.