Top 10 Asian Movies Of All Time

Friday, January 21 by Mishka Bulldozer
  • "Oldboy." One of the most controversial Asian movies of all time, this Korean film is great for those who love darker movies. A Korean man is abducted and locked away for years by anonymous captors, only to be released with only one thing on his mind: revenge.
  • "Hero." Easily one of the most visually-stunning Asian films of all time, this is a real ensemble cast for those who love seeing all of their favorite stars. Two kingdoms are at war with each other in this kung-fu-inspired fairy tale of love, loss and betrayal.
  • "Battle Royale." This commentary on the Japanese education system is as controversial as it is violent. A group on high school sophomores ar taken to a remote island where they are forced to take part in a kill-or-be-killed game of survival.
  • "Ichi The Killer." If you're looking for a disturbing Japanese film that's also one of the best Asian movies of all time, look no further than this selection. The story of a man who becomes a twisted killing machine from traumatic experiences in his teenage years is sure to please a few select audiences.
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