Think your sibling rivalry tops these family wars splattered on film? Think again. From historical cinema of the golden age to more recent revenge, these flicks will make your fights seem absolutely petty. These sibling relationships are so bad that you know you're in trouble when just one of these mean characters reminds you of your sibling. There's nothing like these top three reality checks. Step or no step, consider this free therapy when walking that family line.


"Cruel Intentions" (1999)

Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe give it their all portraying Kathryn Merteuil and Sebastian Valmont, two step-siblings who require a good spanking for the dirty elaborate well planned tricks they play against others. The payout depends on what ridiculous wager was made between the two step-siblings. One bet includes Annette Hargrove, the chick who tells the world she's a virgin. But Valmont thinks he has a shot at sex with her. And he goes for it–after falling in love. Problem? Untrustworthy cocaine addict Kathryn with the criminally insane mind hidden behind top dollar designer clothing and a rich lifestyle, seems to enjoy her cruel intentions, even if it contributes to Sebastian's death. But not so fast little lady. Spoil alert! Nothing like getting busted, at a church, during a funeral of a guy who would be alive if his stepsister was not so cruel–intentionally.


"Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" (1962, black/white)

Never seen this one? View it. This golden age movie introduced a rivalry like never before. A film where one female falls jealous of another, for a lifetime. Even when the good handicapped sister, portrayed by Joan Crawford, endures so much onscreen and gives them hell off-screen. The plot is full of leads for Betty Davis, the mean sister. And leads to an impersonation to have products added to the handicapped sister's tab, serving a rat as a main course, and taking a trip to the beach, ordering ice cream, dancing to an audience, and leaving a sister who can't walk in the sun and hot sand. Fun times! Your sister doesn't look so bad now, does she?


"Step Brothers" (2008)

I, too, didn't think this would be a good film, but hey, it's the Catalina Wine Mixer! A star cast of comedians, including Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as "Step Brothers" in a unique twist of a film plot.  Two parents with children from previous marriages gets together and marries. Problem? Their kids are middle-aged unemployed snot nosed brats who try anything to make the other as miserable as most possibly can. Even when that includes applying fake wounds on the 'victim' without the 'victim' knowing or threatening to beat the other down if they so ever touched their drum set. Spoil alert! The step-siblings learn to get along by the end of the movie. But will that last? Perhaps to the next film.