These Homemade Nuclear Bombs In Movies Will Scare You Into A Fallout Shelter

Saturday, June 29 by Frost

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	On the short list of things to keep out of the general public’s hands is anything that gives off serious radiation and can go boom. These homemade nuclear bombs in movies will scare you into a fallout shelter or underneath a collection of your “big boned” cousins as they make a mighty fine bomb shield in a pinch.</p>
	<strong>“The Manhattan Project”</strong></p>
<p style= The Manhattan Project

In one of the worst ways to win an argument about whether something is dangerous, a teen decides to steal plutonium from a secret laboratory and make his own bomb for a science fair in “The Manhattan Project”. It’s true that the scientist in charge of the lab opened up Pandora’s box by using the rather rare “take the kid to my work and he’ll be so impressed that his mom will sooo fall for me” instead of buying his love with video games and nun chuks like normal suitors do. The sweet and swift moral of the story is either if a teenager can steal plutonium from your governmentally secure lab it was never yours to begin with or always double check on your kid if he’s doing experiments on hamsters. As the couple escapes from the Lt. Colonel and his team after being caught at the science fair you should probably reconsider living life underground in your fallout shelter if this is the best the nation’s defense has to offer.


“Right at Your Door”

Right at Your Door

Making a serious case for His and Hers fallout shelters, “Right at Your Door” is both a nuclear horror film and a case study in marrying a jackass. Brad and Lexi are a couple that end up undergoing a trial separation when Brad seals himself inside his house after nuclear bombs go off in Los Angeles, keeping his returning wife outside. A definitely scary movie about the personal repercussions when death is on the line, watching Brad try to rationalize his self-serving motivations when Lexi shows up alive is far more horrifying than radiation poisoning.


“The Sum of All Fears”

The Sum of All Fears

Combining the evil equivalent of chocolate and peanut butter, “The Sum of All Fears” mixes white power with nuclear bombs to achieve world destruction. America’s sweetheart Jack Ryan treads the line as he attempts to take down the supremacists while keeping the United States and Russia from picking up where the 80s left off.  As Ryan’s helicopter gets buffeted by the stadium explosion there’s no way you wouldn’t want to be back on land in your comfy fallout shelter not freaking out about where you left your parachute.


“The Peacemaker”

The PeacemakerDevoe and his scientist companion Dr. Kelly are on the hunt for a mad bomber: literally as he’s out for revenge. Screaming run for your fallout shelter, the disassembling of a nuclear missile to make a homemade nuclear bomb won’t have you praising the stability of the bomber’s plan or his technique. It’s a hardcore cringefest when you see Thomas Devoe get in a gunfight with the bomber, who is carrying the bomb in a snazzy backpack and nothing says bulletproof like the power of nylon and zippers.


“The World is Not Enough”

The World Is Not Enough

The butterflies in your stomach are going to be working overtime when you realize that the entire motivation for this nuclear bomb isn’t just greed but daddy issues. Elektra deftly demonstrates her distaste for her father by killing him, thus clearly showing you that the person in charge of making Istanbul into an ash pile might not have logic or reasoning on her side. With a healthy submarine crash scene, Bond makes sure you know how much more than your average mortal man he is as he’s able to defeat the nuclear plot and let the submarine “safely” explode.

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