These 7 Witch Hunt Movies That Every Salem Resident Can Get Behind

Thursday, July 5 by Loretta Arnold

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If good witch flicks were alcohol, these witch hunt movies would leave you drunk for days. Starting with Arthur Miller's witch hunt domino effect, these seven witch related films define a message that every Salem resident can get behind. But they very well could be hiding from local ghost stories

"The Salem Witch Trials" (2003/remake of Arthur Miller's 1952 play)


Noted as being comparable to the modern politics of witch hunt investigation, the two-part TV dramatization defines a staged witch hunt with a political twist. The daughters of Ann and Thomas Putnam are played by Kirstie Alley and Jay O. Sanders, the two girls that motivated the Salem witch trials – by their acting abilities.

"The Crucible" (1996/remake of Arthur Miller's 1952 play)


Arthur Miller influenced this outstanding 1996 version. This time one of Putnam's daughters is played by Winona Ryder whose acting is convincing enough to pin the whole town against one Elizabeth Proctor. Five star acting that every Salem resident can get behind, without being able to predict the next scene. Plan on watching this classic version of film. You will not be disappointed.

"Salem (Witch Hunt): Examine the Evidence" (2011) documentary


The evidence stands at the Visitor's Center in Salem, MA. Arthur Miller's play does get around, thanks to the story of Salem Village, MA (once again). This documentary digs into facts rather than a script. 1692 was the year of murder by manipulation as more than twenty accused "witches" were put to death based on accusations of others – all without true evidence of witchcraft. Every Salem resident can get behind facts before fiction.

"The Craft" (1996)


"The Craft" has a mixture of modern day witchcraft and old fashioned spell binding. But that's not all! When the good witch battles off the bad witches (or bad seeds), most likely, Salem cheers. Unfortunately for Salem, the rumors of "bad" witches can get in the way of life but with movies such as "The Craft" at least it is a reminder that good witches exist as well. Even in Salem.

"The Blair Witch Project" (1999)


"The Blair Witch Project" gave viewers something to fear – the unseen. The basis of this witch hunt flick is due to an old story of a witch and a couple of traveling men who disappeared. Some say "The Blair Witch Project" entered a witch hunt through real-time filming as some viewers felt as though they were at the scene of the witch hunt crime. Salem residents know how that feels. The film had a follow-up created by some not-so-supportive fans called "The Blair Witch Rejects" during the same year of release, but not from anyone living in Salem.

"The Convenant" (2006)


This movie has some great scenes in it! Life is pretty tough when four guys mixed in one supernatural legacy faces forces of jealousy and suspicion threatening to place a wedge between them. Salem can relate to this beefy witch hunt flick – or at least with the storyline. 

"The Witches of witches_of_eastwick_003.jpg

Hard to believe "The Witches of Eastwick" has been out for this long. Which doesn't change the fact that it has all the special added ingredients to Hollywood's affair with witchcraft. The good people of Salem have seen their share of extra drama plugged inside of a storyline just to give the plot a twist. And if the residents had the choice of fighting off the evil witch hunt rumors by use of good witchery, without a doubt, every Salem resident can get behind that storyline finale. This movie rates extremely well by actors alone. With good prevailing at the end, it is a true Salem hit!

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