Let's face it. You have got to have more guts to go snowboarding than skiing. Of course skiing is a beautiful and thrilling sport, but it cannot even come close to the rush you get during snowboarding! Every flip and jump will make your heart skip in a beat (in the best possible way of course). If you're a snowboarder and just want some movies to watch, maybe for inspiration for moves, or if you're a skier that wants to see the real deal, take a look at our five top snowboarding films. Watch any one and you won't be sorry!

 "Throw Your Panties"

"Throw Your Panties" is one of our favorite snowboarding movies ever because of it's extremely low maturity level and crudeness. The movie follows three boarders over the period of a year. They travel all across Europe, getting drunk, boarding and having fun. When asked about the film, the creator Andrew said “I like watching funny people say funny things and I also like snowboarding so why over saturate one or the other. I want to mix them both together in an overflowing martini glass and drink down that concoction and call it Throw your Panties… duh”.

"Return of the Wildcats"

This is definitely one of the best snowboarding movies out there! "Return of the Wildcats" follows the journey of a group of friends and snowboarders that travel and enter competitions. The movie has a great soundtrack set to all the action. Another great thing about this movie is the brotherhood between the snowboarders! They laugh, drink, have fun and fool around all the time. By the end of this movie you'll be wishing you were a part of a snowboarding crew. It shows the true essence of a snowboarder's lifestyle and the bonds you make for life, with your fellow boarders and the sport.

"Teenage Love Graffiti"

"Teenage Love Graffiti" was released by the Isenseven-Crew. It has everything you'd need to convert a skier to snowboarding. It features amazing riders like Erik Botner, Andre Kuhlmann, Ethan Morgan, Joonas Muston and many more! It also has a lot of great stuff that newbie snow boarders would love to see; European boarders falling, flying, jibbing, doing weird new-age tricks, drinking and partying it up-- everything you's expect to come with the territory of being a bad-ass snow boarder! Another great thing about "Teenage Love Graffiti" is that it is shot completely in high definition, making you feel like you're actually sitting there in the now watching them ride!


"Decade" is a wonderful snowboarding movie that follows the evolution of snowboarding since the beginning of time. It has a lot of old school moves, including one in which the snowboarder jumps with his board onto a tree before spinning and boarding away in the other direction! It also shows the moves all the young kids are doing nowadays with their advanced equipment. The movie has different sections showcasing different, extremely talented forum riders. They show off their movies to amazing music. This movie is great to watch for anybody, especially skiers planning to ditch skiing for the edgy world of snowboarding.

"Technical Difficulties"

Some people say that "Technical Difficulties" is the best movie that Mack Dawg Productions has ever released. We also think it is a one of a kind snowboarding movie masterpiece. The movie starts out with the famous and talented rider, JP Walker. As it moves on we see other boarders and their tricks on the biggest mountains out there! They're fearless, brave and can thrill us even through the TV screen. "Technical Difficulties" is loved by many riders not only because of the great cinematography but also because of the great tracks the movie is set to! There's something for everybody to get in the mood—hip-hop, rap, rock and even instrumentals.