These five sex change movies are sure to change your life. They are heartwarming, tragic and uplifting all at the same time. People who identity as one gender but are biologically the opposite gender are known as transgender people. The transgender individuals in these five sex change movies bring the issue to life and will truly bring out the compassion and empathy in you.

"Transamerica". This sex change movie features Bree (played by Felicity Huffman), a biological man who is in transition to become a woman. The film revolves around a road trip taken by Bree and her son, who she fathered. The son has no idea that he's traveling with his father. He thinks he's traveling with a random older woman. The struggle for Bree to admit to her identity as both a woman and a father are at the center of the film.

"Beautiful Boxer".  Based on a true story, this sex change movie follows Parinya Charoenphol, a biologically male boxer who identifies as female, and her  lifelong struggle with identity. The movie starts in childhood, chronicles Parinya's successful boxing career and features the sex change operation that finally makes Parinya a female on both the inside and the outside.

"Wild Side". Not all sex change movies have to be about only the heartache and struggles involved with being transgender. Wild Side is life changing because it also takes a look at the positive sides of being a proud transgender person. The main character is a transsexual prostitute who travels with her two male companions to take care of her sick and dying mother. While her life is challenging, it is also fulfilling to know who you truly are in this world.

"Flawless". Starring Robert De Niro as a stroke victim and Philip Seymour Hoffman as a drag queen, "Flawless" is a movie you’ll never forget. De Niro’s  character is forced to take voice lessons from the drag queen after suffering a stroke. As a consequence, he is also forced to face his own feelings about transgender people.

"Just Like a Woman". Life changing sex change movies don't have to just be all about drama. They can have comedy, too. "Just Like a Woman" is the perfect example. Starring Julie Walters and Adrian Pasdar, this movie features the struggles of a closeted transvestite and the ultimate journey to discovering who you really are.