Bow down before nature and CGI as these 3 tornado movies will make you fear the sky. Stomping a fine line between mussing up your hair and destroying the earth, these little miracles of mother nature can put a squirrel through a wall or a wall through a squirrel. Keep your eyes peeled for twisters, just not while driving, weed whacking or chainsaw juggling.

The Wizard of Oz”  Normally the best ending you can wish for when picked up by a tornado is that you at least get planted head first into something interesting, like a fire truck or a historical landmark. The thing you don’t wish for is to land in another world where witches and non-housebroken flying monkeys abound. Watching Dorothy kick open the front gate as the tornado roars in the background creates a scene that can give goose bumps to anyone, regardless of their experience with twisters of any kind. “The Wizard of Oz” is a tornado movie that will make you fear the sky because no one wants to have to spend their life wondering if today is the day that you find out the wicked witch you accidentally killed has a crueler sibling.

Tornado!” Don’t confuse this with the lesser movie “Tornado”–this one has an exclamation mark in that title which signifies that quality is ensured. There are, not one, but two forces of nature in this film. There's the tornado and there's Bruce Campbell. “Tornado!” has enough wanton destruction from houses destroyed to tree limbs knocked through windows to make you fear that which can come from the sky.  Watch the tornado swirl with malice as Campbell ties his grandfather to the tornado data collector using a belt and then cringe as good old grandpa gets launched straight to heaven minutes later.

Devil Winds” “Devil Winds” opens strong by attacking a farm and dropping a tree on a mom, who is trying to save her daughter from the tornado. The child manages to make it to safety, but the mom’s not as lucky as the tornado rips apart the barn, the house and then her. The destructive effect of a tornado is well captured in “Devil Winds.” As another tornado starts to take apart a disease research facility, you get two reasons to fear the sky: tornados and idiots who ignore building regulations.