The Worst Of The Best: Tom Hanks

Friday, January 20 by

You’ve Got Mail

Trying to recapture that Sleepless In Seattle magic, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, and Nora Ephron reunited for this tepid romantic comedy. Expectations were high, but the plot device of having the romantic leads despise one another did nothing to help with their chemistry. Also, replacing Sleepless In Seattle’s precocious child with the hip, new invention “e-mail” tarnished the dynamic. Was Jonathan Lipnicki not available?

The Polar Express

Note to any A-list celebrity struggling to reconnect with audiences after a string of bombs, the way to do this does not involve a creepy makeover that makes you appear simultaneously sinister and lifeless. Just ask Meg Ryan. Hanks’ turn as the creepy, motion-captured, glass-eyed train conductor who lures a small boy from his room in the middle of the night really didn’t help the star. I’d say he and Zemeckis are even after this.

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