The Worst Of The Best: Tom Hanks

Friday, January 20 by

The Ladykillers

Tom Hanks has had a few ups and downs throughout his career, but always seems to rebound. The Coen Brothersremake of The Ladykillers kicked off one of his longest downward spirals. This wacky romp about trying to murder a sassy, old black lady somehow didn’t connect with audiences. This really had us all worried. Not so much for Hanks, but for the Coen Brothers. The Ladykillers was the follow-up to their first bomb, Intolerable Cruelty. Up until that point, they’d crafted consistently fantastic films, so fans everywhere were concerned that they may have lost their touch. Luckily, No Country For Old Men set them back on the right path. Still surprising, though, that the combo of the Coens, Hanks, and outlandish facial hair yielded a flop.

Larry Crowne

Not a lot of people were moved to go see Larry Crowne. Critics jumped all over the second feature directed by Hanks. As a result, the movie bombed hard to the surprise of many, considering it’s pedigree. If a movie starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts can’t find an audience, then my spec script, Charlie Wilson’s War: The Squeakquel doesn’t stand a chance.

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