Today we examine the worst films of cinema legend Tom Hanks, whose new movie, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, opens today. And from the looks of the early reviews, it may prove to be a rare misstep from the Oscar winning actor.

The Forrest Gump star has proved himself to be one of our greatest actors with several award-winning performances. On top of that, he's a really nice guy. That's why it stings to have to point out a few of his career missteps that either left us expecting more or wanting to see less. He still tops our list of Favorite Hanks-es, but if he keeps pumping out films like those on this list, we'll have to give Colin the edge.

The Terminal

In The Terminal, Tom Hanks plays a man trapped at JFK International Airport while his native country is in the grips of a revolution. That's how I felt while watching it. Trapped.

It had all of the elements of a movie I would watch the crap out of.

- Tom Hanks. Great.
- Steven Spielberg. Cool.
- Catherine Zeta-Jones. Okay.
- The Tooch. Word.
- That guy that isn't Gael Garcia Bernal. Fine. I'll allow it.
- Partially based on the true life story of that guy I read about in Rolling Stone. Check.
- Kumar from Bottle Rocket. Awesome.

But the resulting sum of all these parts fell short. Of course, watching Tom Hanks actually live in the airport like Top Cat was fun. But when the additional characters and love interests enter the mix, things take a turn for the confusing and not needed. It's no wonder a sequel where Tom Hanks sets up shop in Ikea never got the greenlight.

The Money Pit

This mid-80's comedy about a house falling to ruin didn't have enough going for it to stand on its own. On paper, it looks great. We're talking about a movie where Shelley Long gets beaned in the head by falling plaster. That's all I've ever wanted to see. Sadly, physical comedy, the charm of Tom Hanks, and a concussed Shelley Long weren't enough to make this movie enjoyable. I'll go to Funny Farm for my fix of "a couple in over their heads in new surroundings" comedy, thank you very much.

The Ladykillers

Tom Hanks has had a few ups and downs throughout his career, but always seems to rebound. The Coen Brothers' remake of The Ladykillers kicked off one of his longest downward spirals. This wacky romp about trying to murder a sassy, old black lady somehow didn't connect with audiences. This really had us all worried. Not so much for Hanks, but for the Coen Brothers. The Ladykillers was the follow-up to their first bomb, Intolerable Cruelty. Up until that point, they'd crafted consistently fantastic films, so fans everywhere were concerned that they may have lost their touch. Luckily, No Country For Old Men set them back on the right path. Still surprising, though, that the combo of the Coens, Hanks, and outlandish facial hair yielded a flop.

Larry Crowne

Not a lot of people were moved to go see Larry Crowne. Critics jumped all over the second feature directed by Hanks. As a result, the movie bombed hard to the surprise of many, considering it's pedigree. If a movie starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts can't find an audience, then my spec script, Charlie Wilson's War: The Squeakquel doesn't stand a chance.

You've Got Mail

Trying to recapture that Sleepless In Seattle magic, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, and Nora Ephron reunited for this tepid romantic comedy. Expectations were high, but the plot device of having the romantic leads despise one another did nothing to help with their chemistry. Also, replacing Sleepless In Seattle's precocious child with the hip, new invention "e-mail" tarnished the dynamic. Was Jonathan Lipnicki not available?

The Polar Express

Note to any A-list celebrity struggling to reconnect with audiences after a string of bombs, the way to do this does not involve a creepy makeover that makes you appear simultaneously sinister and lifeless. Just ask Meg Ryan. Hanks' turn as the creepy, motion-captured, glass-eyed train conductor who lures a small boy from his room in the middle of the night really didn't help the star. I'd say he and Zemeckis are even after this.

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