The Top 5 Reasons Shark Week Is Better Than Fleet Week

Tuesday, January 24 by Irving Oala


"Shark Week" is a week of shark oriented programming on the Discovery channel that always draws high ratings due to the fact that sharks are generally addictive to watch, as the numerous shark movies and shark oriented vacations prove. Fleet week honors members of the navy, by having air show events, as well as events on aircraft carriers at different ports around the country from week to week throughout the year. When comparing the two weeks of entertainment, there is no doubt "Shark Week" is better for everyone, for the reasons listed below.


You can watch "Shark Week" just about anywhere. As Fleet Week requires you to be on an ocean or in a harbor, "Shark Week" is on the Discovery Channel, meaning you can watch it just about anywhere. In other words, people in Kansas can enjoy "Shark Week," while Fleet Week would be an epic drive to the nearest port to see.


You usually can't see these sharks in real life. While you can travel to visit a naval base or see an aircraft carrier while you are visiting San Diego, you can't get the underwater views and information you can obtain through "Shark Week" by just simply traveling somewhere. In short, you will see something you probably will never see by watching "Shark Week."


Fleet Week requires walking, "Shark Week" requires sitting. Fleet week requires you to walk outside or across a massive ship or into bleachers to watch the air show. "Shark Week" requires you to sit on your couch and have paid your cable bill. The latter is a much better Saturday to many people.


You're outside for Fleet Week, inside for "Shark Week." Fleet Week's are obviously held outside, which means you can get hot and sunburned. "Shark Week" is most likely an indoor activity, unless you want to watch it on your outdoor patio TV, which most people probably don't have.


You'll learn more through "Shark Week" then Fleet Week. While Fleet Week will be spectacular, you won't receive much instruction as to how the military works, planes fly or ships operate. However, all "Shark Week" is about is educating you about the wide, fascinating world of sharks. So you'll get smarter, too.

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