The Top 5 Must See Jerry Lewis Movies

Tuesday, January 10 by Steve Silverman

jerry lewis the bellboy

“The Bellboy.” This movie is strange even by Lewis’ standards. This is nearly a silent movie that was filmed in just a few weeks when Paramount Studios realized that it had a hole in its schedule and had to get something out quickly. It turned to Lewis, and he did “The Bellboy” in three weeks. In the film, he’s a put-upon mute bellboy named Stanley at a ritzy hotel and the film is one gag after another.

jerry lewis geisha boy

“The Geisha Boy.” In this movie, Lewis plays magician Gilbert Wooley. Wooley is not very good at his job, but he has a kind heart and looks after a young orphan who tags along with him. One of the funniest scenes in the movie is when Lewis is being chased around the steam bath by a humongous sumo wrestler and he must find a way to escape.

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