The Top 5 Must See Jerry Lewis Movies

Tuesday, January 10 by Steve Silverman

jerry lewis whos minding the store

“Who’s Minding The Store.” In this movie, Jerry works as a subservient department store employee, doing every job the boss asks of him. Some of the things he must do include walking dogs, painting a flagpole and demonstrating how to work a powerful vacuum cleaner. While Lewis is doing these jobs, he’s trying to impress the daughter of the store’s owner. It’s a visceral comedy with tons of belly laughs.

jerry lewis cinderfella

Cinderfella.” This is Lewis’s take on the classic Cinderella story. When his father passes away, Cinderfella is left with his step mother and two step brothers. They are snobbish and nasty to him and Cinderfella has to do all the hard jobs that his step brothers make him do. Cinderfella eventually meets his princess at a ball that his step mother has set up for her two sons. Cinderfella’s decency and compassion come through as he completes task after task with a high comedic edge.

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