The Top 5 Must See Jerry Lewis Movies

Tuesday, January 10 by Steve Silverman

jerry lewis

Jerry Lewis was one of the top movie makers in the industry from the late 1940s through the 1960s. Lewis was a comedian who often teamed with singer Dean Martin to form a productive movie partnership. However, while Lewis often portrayed a brainless goof on film, he was an innovator behind the camera who often directed and wrote his own films. His career was hampered by his own ego, but that doesn’t detract from his great catalog of films. These are the top five must-see Jerry Lewis movies, and should not be missed by any film buff.

the nutty professor

The Nutty Professor.” This is perhaps the quintessential Lewis movie, and while it has many jokes and laughs throughout, it is also a sensitive and empathetic movie. Lewis starred as a brilliant but nerdy professor who was unable to meet and attract women. His loneliness served as the inspiration to invent a formula that allowed him to change his overall look and demeanor. Instead of moping around as the uncool professor Julius Kelp, Lewis became cool cat Buddy Love. Lewis served as a consultant when Eddie Murphy remade the movie in 1996.

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