‘The Simpsons’ 9 Best Movie Parodies

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Without question, The Simpsons is responsible for some of the most unforgettable scenes in modern television. It could also be argued that the show’s writing has had an indelible mark on the nature of comedy and how we interact today. From the myriad of catchphrases and bits, it’s had a huge impact on popular culture.

However, it also owes a lot to pop culture itself. Over the years, the citizens of Springfield have dropped numerous references to film. Whether it’s a one-off scene or an entire episode made to parody a Hollywood film, here are nine of our very favorites.

The Shining

In “Treehouse of Horror V,” Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece, The Shining, is spoofed. Rather than being driven crazy by a lack of access to the outside, Homer is driven mad when his beer supply is cut off. Causing him to grow homicidal and attempt to butcher his family. Luckily, Bart is able to communicate with Groundskeeper Willy via his paranormal talent is called “The Shinning.” He’s also able to avoid getting sued by adding that extra “n” to the name.

The Natural

In “Saturdays of Thunder,” The Simpsons parodies old-fashioned baseball film The Natural. At a pivotal moment in his soapbox race, Bart looks into the grandstand for some support. He sees that Homer is there, similar to Robert Redford spotting Glenn Close. The theme from The Natural begins to play. Clever. Creepy but clever.

101 Dalmations

The Simpsons suddenly have a lot of mouths to feed when Santa’s Little Helper becomes a dad. The enormous litter in “Two Dozen and One Greyhounds” proves too burdensome. Luckily Mr. Burns offers to give all of the puppies a new home. However, it’s soon revealed that he intends to skin them for a fur coat. Bart and Lisa rally to save the hounds, but have to pause to acknowledge his gorilla chest vest is pretty swank. I totally want one.

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