Tinseltown is a horrible, fickle mistress. A tarted-up fame junkie with flashbulb eyes and ashy elbows who is always on the hunt for the next big thing.

One day, you might find yourself seated at the best tables with no need for a reservation. The next, you're nobody. A nothing. Fodder for tabloids to call fat or for bloggers to draw dicks on. Like these esteemed actresses who likely won't get Oscar noms this year.

Blake Lively - Savages

She solidified herself as an actress to watch (this time for her acting) with her performance in The Town. However, her next foray into serious drama didn't garner a fraction of the acclaim. Unless Amy Adams starts doing American Pie sequels, there's no way we should expect Blake Lively to receive the Best Supporting Actress nod in 2012.

Nicole Kidman - The Paperboy

To the surprise of everyone who hasn't seen a movie pre-2003, Nicole Kidman snagged nominations for both a SAG Award and a Golden Globe for her role in The Paperboy. Despite her total commitment to the slutty Southern character, the film itself is to blame here for her Oscar snub. The reasons are two-fold. For one, Zac Efron is in this movie. Two, she number ones on him. I can't think of many award-winning movies in recent memory where characters pee on themselves or others. Except 127 Hours maybe.

Doona Bae - Cloud Atlas

She gave the bravest performance in the year's most unjustifiably derided films. Doona Bae's portrayal as a servant clone/sex slave turned revolutionary in 2144 Neo Seoul. Not only did her pain inspire future generations to fight for their civil rights, but it also inspired me to second-guess the hiring practices at Hooter's restaurants.

Laura Linney - Hyde Park On The Hudson

We haven't seen much of Laura Linney lately, outside of Downton Abbey introductions, and Hyde Park On The Hudson was her chance to come back. Not that the Academy will take notice with Anne Hathaway out there shaving her head while crying.

Helen Mirren - Hitchcock

I don't know. Just seems Oscar-y, doesn't it?