Now that some time has passed and we've had a chance to look back, we'd like to pick the fresh scab on 2012 and crown its best and worst moments. Thus, the Screen Junkies Awards!

Today we're taking a look at the best movie trailers of 2012. These are the previews that either thrilled us, shocked us, made us laugh, or weren't the trailer for Battleship. The quality of these movies are up for debate, but their trailers are awesome and no one can take that away. Except for us if we decide to subject them to the Honest Trailers treatment.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Sometimes a so-so film yields a great trailer. I'm sorry to say that in this case. I wanted Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to be the best, most over-the-top, kick ass movie experience but the movie itself fell a little bit short. Then again, how can a film possibly live up to a trailer this good? Dude houses that tree!

Man Of Steel

Whether it's a bird or a plane or a man, it's safe to say that there's a lot up in the air with Man Of Steel. We all want it to be great and if this trailer is any indication, it will be. Warner Bros just announced that if Man Of Steel is well-received, they'll move forward with plans for the oft-delayed Justice League. No pressure, Zack Snyder. Stick to the basics -- super-powered guys beating the tar out of each other in ridiculously unexpected and elaborate ways.

Pacific Rim

The morning that the trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim premiered, an audible "F*CK YEAH!!!" could be heard across the land. That was the sound made when thousands viewed gigantic robots using elbow rocket boosters to better punch enormous monsters in the face. Take that, Apocalypse!


It's an AMAZING trailer. I STILL want to see the movie that it's advertising.

Iron Man 3

When the trailer for the Shane Black-directed Iron Man 3 premiered, I pointed out that it looks awesome but also suspiciously like Lethal Weapon 2. The sequel seems to center around a wise-cracking hero struggling to protect his loved ones who also has his sweet, oceanfront home destroyed by a foreign enemy before being thrown to the bottom of the ocean. If only they got Joe Pesci in the film. He could replace Coulson.


Seth MacFarlane's transition to the big screen was a humongous success thanks mostly to this red band trailer. We always knew that Family Guy would be funnier with cursing. Awesomely harsh and abrasive New England-style cursing.

Star Trek Into Darkness

This trailer does its job and does it well. That job being to make everyone want to see the movie without revealing too much about the movie. Seriously, though. What the Hell is this movie about?