The movie "Alien" is one of the most popular horror/science-fiction films ever made as it features an alien monster that goes on a killing spree aboard a Galactic marine space ship. The alien is of a very unique variety as it is able to grow at an incredible rate, making it extremely deadly. However, caught in the blood, guts, and spooky scenes is the fact that Sigourney Weaver is extremely hot, especially during the scene where she is wearing in a pair of skin-tight white panties. Below are three movies like "Alien" that feature killer extraterrestrial beings, creatures that evolve rapidly, and most importantly, hot women.



Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in "Predator," a movie about an extraterrestrial being who is jettisoned to the jungles of Central America to hunt humans. What makes "Predator" similar to "Alien" is the fact that both feature uglier-than-hell alien life forms that enjoy killing Earthlings. What is disappointing about the Schwarzenegger flick is that it does not feature any hot, naked (or even partially nude) women.



"Splice" is a movie that centers around two young scientists who successfully combine human and animal DNA. What they get is a creature that looks kind of human but grows at an alarming rate, develops a sex drive, and ends up with a hankerin' for murder. This movie is like "Alien" because it features a creature that evolves very rapidly. "Splice" even features a semi-hot young scientist who would later get raped by the creature when it turns male. There is also a pretty decent sex scene between the male scientist and their creation, just after she reaches puberty.



Another movie that starts off by scientists combining DNAs, "Species" is a movie about a female hybrid, named Sil, that was created from human and alien DNA. The result of the experiment was a smoking hot female who possessed extraordinary strength. Sil ended up escaping captivity in hopes of finding a male to impregnate her so she could spawn a family of wretched creatures intent on killing humans. This movie is like "Alien" because it features an alien form that evolves quickly and is not opposed to killing humans.