7 Badass Biographical (And Semi-Biographical) Films You Need To Watch

Friday, October 28 by

The Motorcycle Diaries

This is nothing political, but commies make for good biography fare. Forget the guy on the t-shirt. We much prefer Ernesto “Che” Guevara as a thoughtful, intelligent, brooding young man exploring Latin America on a motorcycle. They certainly took some liberties with the truth: The “motorcycle” is actually closer to a razor scooter with a motor on it. Spoiler Alert: The motorcycle doesn’t last very long, either in real life or the movie.

Naked Lunch

This one is… sort of based on the life of William S. Burroughs? At least as far as his heroin-induced memories are concerned. Apparently, Burroughs spent most of the 1950s communing with giant cockroaches that talk through assholes on their back and transform into typewriters. Whatever. I’m sure that’s just how Bill remembered things. Based more on Exterminator! and The Job than Naked Lunch, this one is weird, weird weird, but a hell of a lot of fun.

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