7 Badass Biographical (And Semi-Biographical) Films You Need To Watch

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This really happened. 

The Rum Diary is allegedly a novel, not a biography. Whatever. All we’re saying is that it stars Johnny Depp as a wandering freelance journalist who can’t put enough substances in his body. Sounds close enough for jazz to us.

There’s something about seeing the true-life story, or the semi-true-life story, of a legit badass like Hunter S. Thompson on the big screen that appeals to people. Unlike a fictional account, you can actually find something to aspire to, or at least have fantasies about a cool new drinking buddy.

With that in mind, here are seven badass biographical and semi-biographical films.

Der Baader Meinhof Komplex

What could be sexier than a bunch of German communist terrorists who dress like the Velvet Underground? This movie doesn’t white wash terrorism, but it sure does provide it with a glamorous edge during the first two acts. Watch as chic Germans smoke cigarettes, wear sunglasses, steal cars and blow up American army installations. You can get a history lesson while you watch this and it’s one action film your girl won’t mind watching with you in the least.

Boogie Nights

No, Dirk Diggler is not a real guy. He is, however, loosely based on John Holmes, AKA Johnny Wadd, with many scenes, such as the classic interaction with the Ric Springfield-loving crack dealer, lifted directly from his life. This film ages like a fine wine, with classic interactions and one-liners like “You know, people tell me I kind of look like Han Solo.” We were as surprised as anyone else when we found out Marky Mark could act.

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