These five movies set in Japan  prove why it is a land of wonder. The small island nation is home to 126 million people creating some of the most densely populated cities on earth. With a love of technology and a reverence for the past Japan has proven to be a distinct and beautiful backdrop for many films.

"Lost In Translation"

Sofia Coppola’s “Lost In Translation” was a star making film for Scarlett Johansson, as well as a career shift for Bill Murray. This modern day love story plays in the streets and high rises of Tokyo. Craeting a beautiful setting for two travelers who are together and alone.  That and the opening sequence consisting of Scarlet Johansson's backside in sheer panties are reason enough for anyone to watch this movie.

"The Last Samurai"

This excellent period film tells the story of a Civil war veteran who travels to the far east and eventually becomes a samurai. “The Last Samurai” tells the tale of Japan’s move into the industrial age and the death of a group of warriors who defined an era in feudal Japan. Truly a classic in the way it depicts the Japanese countryside and a must watch film for a ninja attack sequence that will amke everyone who views it instantly want to buy a pack of ninja stars.


The movie “Tokyo!” is actually three short films all set in the legendary city. Highlighting different parts of city life and different forms of story telling this movie gives three distinct takes on the city as well as it’s inhabitants. A must see for anyone who likes film, Tokyo, or monster movies. Seriously, one-third of this thing is a straight up monster movie worthy of camparison to even the mightiest Mothra.

"The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift"

In true American fashion “The Fast and The Furious:Tokyo Drift” adds adrenaline to a city that already pumps on all cylinders. This installment of the high octane film series takes the action to the streets of Tokyo using the amazing precision of drift racing. Crafting a classic, and surprisingly good, race film in the process. This heart pumpiing action movie's racing scenes are epic in their setting and are a must-see.


Starting in 1954 the film franchise “Gojira,” or “Godzilla” internationally, has taken the world by storm. This irradiated monster destroys and defends Tokyo against all number of beasts. But more importantly Godzilla became an instant icon in pop culture spawing thousands of homages and references in pop culture to this day. Making the first in the massive series essential viewing for any and all who love man-in-suit monsters or scale model cities being detroyed.