As some directors are artists with specific genres, the action genre has become subdivided into directors who are better at specific types of action. John Woo was known for gunplay; John Frankenheimer for car chases; Brett Ratner for bad plots. Luc Besson is known for action scenes that are in badass scenarios, whether they make sense or not. He has written, produced and directed over 150 films all over the world, making him one of the most prolific directors to ever live. There are countless action scenes in his films that are badass but below is a list of those you can't miss and will see in some of his more mainstream films.


The final explosion in "Leon: The Professional"

Arguably the best film Besson has ever done, his assassin's "Lolita" has a great plot and a number of excellent action scenes but the best part is the explosion at the end. Without giving anything away, it may be the only perfect way to end a film and story like this one. With an incredible bang.


The final shootout in "La Femme Nikita"

Another one of the best films Besson has ever done and the one that broke him to Hollywood was "La Femme Nikita," another assassin movie about a girl off the streets who is trained to be a killer. The final shootout is the ideal scene to see in this film. It shouldn't be hard to get to with all the sex and violence preceding it.


The explosion of the ship in "The 5th Element"

Another fine film from Besson shows his skills in the science fiction world, far in the distant future with incredible art direction, a hilarious and awesome script, and an excellent cast. While there is less action in "The 5th Element" then many of the other Luc Besson films, the explosion of the ship at the end is incredible.


The second war scene in "The Messenger"

A tale of Joan of Arc, in which Besson tackles religious war, is missing something but is still an accomplishment as a whole. Especially when you see the unbelievable brutality of the second war scene, which still stands as one of the more realistic medieval war scenes ever filmed.


The chase scenes in "Taxi"

A fun, fast paced comedic action film, "Taxi" shows Luc Besson's talents with car chases in the crowded urban environs of Paris. It's impossible to narrow down the best chase scene in "Taxi" so you should just watch the montage of them all. The rest of the film isn't really worth seeing.


That first chase scene in "The Transporter"

The first chase scene in "The Transporter," which Besson wrote, is the best of an otherwise silly movie (that somehow spawned three sequels, so far). However, the skills that are shown by Jason Statham as he is first being chased created one of the better high-speed driving scenes in any average film.  Which this film is: average.


The fight against the fat man in "District 13"

Less known in the US, "District 13" is a cool, grounded sci-fi action movie that plays out like a really entertaining video game. There are basically just a lot of gang fights throughout the film, but the best (and funniest one) is against the tough fat guy, in which one of our hero employs comical brilliance and buffoonery throughout the scene.