Cool-looking robes and enforced-celibacy appeal to a lot of people during brief moments in relationships, especially family gatherings, but the majority leave them as little temporary fantasies. These men kept going with the thought and ended up getting involved in action far beyond the norm of their calling. Grab the prayer beads; bless the holy Mountain Dew and watch as the power of Christ compels you to see these seven badass movie priests in action.

Priest, “Priest”

Stepping past the normal niche market of kicking demons out of little kids, “Priest” creates another eternal struggle of the holy man versus the vampire. Priest goes against the ruling church order to pursue his kidnapped niece as he makes a stand for what he feels is right and not what is ordered. His first big vampire battle on the reservation is both glitter free and heavy on the cross shaped throwing stars, both showing the tough-as-nails, unforgiving Priest.

Father Karras, “The Exorcist”.

Father Karras is that special kind of hardcore priest that cares enough about his patient that he’ll go outside the normal realm of psychology to seek help. He even goes out the way he comes in as a determined man who rises above his fears to be one badass movie priest in “The Exorcist." Watch his sacrifice scene as he entreats the demon to take him instead of the girl and then takes the evil for a swan dive out the window.

Padre, “Machete”

Padre is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill priest. He is a dual-wielding shotgun priest with a hell of a sense of humor and loyalty. Go beyond his weapon skills and see his beautifully short absolution scene in “Machete” to get a true sense of the man. You can bet that they don't teach those moves at most seminaries, but hey, we're not going to complain!

Father Sandor, “Dracula: Prince of Darkness”

Kicking off with a gun wielding Father Sandor on horseback dissuading the peasantry and a superstitious, fear mongering, priest from staking a young woman, “Dracula: Prince of Darkness” serves up a seriously badass priest. Sandor doesn’t shy away from evil whether it be in the form of vampires or ignorance and that makes him tougher than steel. His robe-clothed marksmanship as he puts Dracula in a watery tomb is a scene that bears witnessing as a classic battle where wits are just as important as bullets.

Father Kiernan, “Stigmata”

As a priest that has to discern between the spiritual and the fake, Father Kiernan brings a sharp mind and a powerful faith to his investigations. Add his stand for the possessed girl who carries a new scripture against certain corrupt individuals in the Vatican and you get a pillar of a man who serves the light in "Stigmata." His bathing and care of Frankie’s nail wounds from the café show the strength of his compassion in a tender scene in “Stigmata."

Graham Hess, “Signs”

From priest to ex-priest back to priest, Graham Hess fought inner battles with himself as well as outer battles with water-fearing aliens. Sure the aliens in “Signs” somehow didn’t think about the modern conveniences of indoor running water, or the fact that the air here has natural water vapor. Nonetheless, Hess stands up to the alien slavers with a strong hand and stronger family. Measure your own willpower against Hess’ when he goes to his wife’s killer’s house in order to check on why he called and doesn’t use Ray’s head as handy target for some anger management.

Cardinal Richelieu, “The Three Musketeers”

Tim Curry was born to play askew characters and this time around in “The Three Musketeers” he gets to play a corrupt, power-lusting priest to the hilt. Richelieu is bad ass in his disregard for the sanctity of any human life that might be an obstacle to his ambitions. He becomes the embodiment of a living smirk when called to task for dismissing the Musketeers by the King in a scene that oozes with fake servility.