The Odds On Who Will Play Michael Jackson In His Inevitable Biopic

Thursday, November 17 by

16/1 Crispin Glover

Why the shit is Crispin Glover on this list? This makes no sense to me. He plays weird roles in small films, but who the hell would turn over a blockbuster film to George McFly?

16/1 Chris Brown

Speaking of “bad people to turn a franchise over to,” let’s talk about Chris Brown. I’m guessing CB couldn’t get cast in a SpikeTV original film right now, let alone a big Hollywood project. He can dance, but he also has more baggage than a passenger ship. I don’t think producers would want the star of their film fielding questions about battering his girlfriend. Just a hunch.

20/1 Chris Tucker

He’s too loud to play Michael Jackson. He’s too loud to play anything, really.

20/1 Jared Leto

“This Novemeber…Jared Leto IS Michael Jackson.” I would love to see him do this just to see how high Mr. Leto could ratchet up his smugness. My guess is his ceiling is pretty high.

20/1 Adrian Grenier

They both have curly hair. End of similarities.

25/1 Derek Hough

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