The Most Egregious Oscar Snubs Of 2012

Tuesday, January 24 by

Corey Stoll

Watching Midnight In Paris, you can’t help but take note of Corey Stoll’s turn as Ernest Hemingway. Though his performance only played a comedic note, it also set up the conceit of the entire film and he was the only one you wanted to watch while onscreen. His Hemingway was a brash show-off whose method of wooing women involved killing lions in front of them. Shouldn’t a man like that win every award?


Many are surprised that Shame earned zero nods. It has everything the Academy normally loves. Penis and Carey Mulligan. Also, serious soul-searching and powerful drama for what that’s worth.

I believe this animated gif sums up this snub perfectly.

Patton Oswalt

Does Patton Oswalt deserve a nomination for his role in Young Adult? Maybe, maybe not. But I’m certain of the fact that he deserves a nomination just for being Patton Oswalt. Someone give that man an Oscar just for being awesome.

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